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route 26 Ibizan winter advertising

The Ibizan ‘Route 26’ Winter Advertising & Promotion Package

The campaign elements are detailed in the Dig Deeper section further down the page.Start and 4th Paragraph of our news and blog articles.Ensuring your...

2018 Ibiza Advertising & Promotion Packages

Our 2018 summer season advertising plans offer better value and greater reach than ever before.

Ibiza Banner Advertising – Online Adverts with Flexibility, Control & Targeting

The Ibizan offers an ideal platform to reach all groups of Ibiza audience. Our traffic includes Ibiza's permanent and seasonal residents, summer workers, tourists, and just about anybody with an interest in the globally recognised 'brand Ibiza'.

NEW For 2018 Ibiza Tourism Advertising Promotion

The Ibizan's new advertising promotion for 2018 is designed to take the tourists from the hotels, and into your business.  To compare all of...

Platinum & Gold, The Total Ibiza Advertising Campaign Solution

Traditionally our most popular packages, the Ibizan's Gold & Platinum plans offer a total advertising solution.

The Ibizan Advertising Technical Data for Designers

Technical data for designers. Our page and module sizing, colour profiles etc.

The Ibizan, In Print & Online, Report 2018

This report is aimed at The Ibizan's contributors and advertisers. It may also be of interest to the more committed of our regular readers and subscribers. It looks at the evolution of the newspaper's digital presence, and details our plans going forward in print and online.

Ibiza Recruitment Advertising Case Study: Jet2.com

"We could have just taken the advertising order and left it at that. But we want our advertising to work for our clients. We want it to work so that they come back for more."
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