Oh dear. I’m afraid this is a bit embarrassing really. You see we had a very upbeat, very perky, press release today by airline Iberia Express. But it’s all just a bit, well, crap.

What happened is that on Friday 17th of May, Iberia Express say they “surprised” the passengers on Ibiza flight number I23812, when they “turned the first 2019 flight to the white island into an authentic on board nightclub”.

Quite promising, especially when they go on to tell us it was in collaboration with Hi and Ushuaia, I mean, they know a bit about authentic nightclubbing right?

The effervescent Iberia Express go on to say passengers received “free fans and sunglasses and”, well, nothing else really.

From the style of the press release I’d have thought they had Carl Cox playing on a gift cart booth, and a fella in the toilet trying to sell you a lollipop while you take a wazz.

I thought for a minute the passengers were guest-listed to the opening parties, and though that would not have added to the flight-club authenticity, it would have at least been something. But instead it was just the chance to win some tickets in a prize draw.

So, basically everyone was given some cheap promotional tat.

iberia nightclub
iberia express passengers ‘avin it large.

Not exactly what I would call an authentic nightclub experience.

Our message to the CEO of Iberia Express is this. If you would like to find out what an authentic Ibiza clubbing experience is, please give us a call, we’ll happily show you what’s what. We suggest you keep your diary free for a following week of recovery.

Mind you, the people look happy enough, and compared to Ryanair’s clubbing experience of being charged one euro to have a bouncer punch you in the mouth on boarding, perhaps it is not so bad.