The Balearic islands health authority, IB-Salut, have confirmed that they are allowing individuals to self-certify their exemption from wearing a mask under the newly tightened regulations introduced on the 13th July, and punishable by a 100€ fine from Monday 20th July.

In a press statement they revealed that the decision was taken in response to an overwhelming demand for the exemptions that the health service was unable to deal with. 

The certificate is available to download via the link at the end of this article, or to complete at health centres.

To assist in non-native Spanish speakers who may with to apply for exemption, we have translated the relevant sections of the form here. 

Once completed, there is no requirement to notify the health service of your doing so, but the form must be carried on your person at all times. If stopped by a police officer or other official, they will not accept that the statement has been completed but is not immediately available to show them. There is no indication of whether officers will have any right or expectation to challenge the validity of self certification. 

The Form & Declaration 

(due to the legal nature of this form we are only able to provide a direct google translation – it is sufficient to understand what you are signing) 

1. That I comply with any of the clinical conditions in which it is not required to wear a mask, 1 in accordance with article 6.2 of Royal Decree Law 21/2020, of June 9, on urgent measures of prevention, containment and coordination to face to the health crisis caused by COVID-19.2
2. That I am informed / informed that breaching this rule poses a risk to my health and that of my fellow citizens and that I must take precautionary measures, specifically the following:
– Keep the safety distance of at least one and a half meters.
– Maintain scrupulous hand hygiene.
– Avoid meetings and places where non-cohabitants come together, even keeping the safety distance.

1) Consensus of experts from the Balearic Islands Health Service, adapted from the recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Health
These are the clinical situations that may exceptionally contraindicate the use of a mask:
– Severe pulmonary pathology (severe asthma, severe COPD, interstitial pathology, insufficiency chronic respiratory, among others).
– Severe cardiac pathology (with grade 3-4 dyspnea according to the NYHA scale).
– Significant facial changes that prevent the mask from fitting properly.
– Neurodevelopmental disorders associated with behavioral disorders.
– Cognitive impairment.
– Serious mental disorder.
– Any serious clinical condition not included in the previous points and for which a physician has expressly advised against the use of a mask, recording the contraindication in writing in the medical record.

2) Resolution of the Minister of Health and Consumption of July 13, 2020, amending specific measures of the Plan for Exceptional Measures of Prevention, Containment and Coordination to Cope with the Sanitary Crisis Caused by COVID-19, once overcome
phase 3 of the Plan for the Transition towards a New Normality (BOIB No. 112, of 06/20/2020).

That I am aware of the responsibilities that could be demanded of me due to the inaccuracy of the declaration and that the authorities may require that a physician confirm the veracity of this declaration.


Download the form here