What did kids do before the tablet was invented? Along with making dens, 5 hour-long games of football and developing the art of communication, we had the trusty I-Spy books to while away our school holidays.

Now we offer the chance to rekindle those magic moments from childhood with our very own version of I-Spy, adapted to the particular sights that come with the fast approaching Ibiza summer season.

How quickly can you complete yours?

◊ Gringo Gambo – a bright pink sunburned tourist

◊ Thimble Theft – spot an all inclusive hotel guest walking in the street with several very small plastic glasses of their hotel bar drinks

◊ A bewildering new regulation – shouldn’t take too long for this one, though it’s a cast iron guarantee in August (they know we’re all too busy to notice)

◊ A bartender saying they can’t wait until October

◊ A newly opened bar/café owner looking up and down the street with a ‘where is everybody/why aren’t I rich yet?’ expression on their face

◊ A street seller calling you Del Boy/Rambo

◊ Early morning drunk – pre 11am (obvious carry ons from the night before do not count)

◊ A stag or hen group that makes you embarrassed to be British/Irish

◊ Tourists crossing the road in traffic within a metre of a zebra crossing

◊ Somebody trying to look casual while handing a street seller a 50€ note in exchange for something far too small to be sunglasses

◊ An entire family in matching football shirts

◊ Somebody telling you they are starting a legal taxi business

◊ Ugly week

◊ Someone offering to do garden clearance on facebook, who started the year promoting their new concierge service.

◊ A really, really, dodgy looking character

◊ A tourist who doesn’t understand why nothing is open yet.

◊ A double dropper (we’re talking old-skool)

◊ A tourist dealing with a translation problem by repeating the same English phrase, just more loudly each time.

◊ A newly arrived DJ who tells you they are a DJ in the first two sentences of conversation, and that they are ‘offering to play’ ‘happy to help out’ or any combination of phrases that avoids them having to say ‘looking for work’.

◊ Meet somebody who has stayed in the same hotel every year for the last (minimum) 10 years. Double points if it is 20+ years. Double points for every time they repeat that fact in the same conversation.