The storm of Sunday night forced the suspension of five flights leaving Ibiza to Barcelona and another five in the opposite direction.

Hundreds of passengers have remained on the ground and many of them will not be able to return until Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Four of the flights canceled at each of the airports were Vueling and the other was Ryanair.

By coinciding with the last day of the Pilar Bridge and the Barcelona Boat Show, hundreds of passengers have been affected.

The first canceled trip was the flight of Vueling leaving Barcelona at 20.50 yesterday, whose passengers arrived to board at midnight and, after an hour inside the plane, they were finally told that they had to disembark because the crew had exceeded their permitted work schedule.

Many of these passengers had to spend the night at the El Prat airport after the company informed them that there were no seats available at the hotels in Barcelona or nearby.

Only one room was equipped with blankets and mattresses so that the children could sleep.

The service between El Prat and the airport of Ibiza has already been restored, but a good part of the affected passengers will not be able to take their flight back until tonight or tomorrow morning.