The Panoramic-Tropical Garden Apartments owned by Playasol have been converted to a hospital and have their first admission.

The establishment, with three floors and 39 beds per floor, will house patients with mild symptoms of Covid-19 who are under UVAC home supervision, but whose social or family situation requires isolation.

Patients will be assessed by UVAC teams and admission will be dependent on certain criteria. Living with immunosuppressed people, a lack of space to guarantee correct isolation, or social circumstances are just a few examples of the criteria.

Yesterday, on Monday 6th April, the first patient was admitted to the medical facility and it is expected that those patients who meet the admission criteria will gradually be transferred.

Equipped For Patients

Over the past week, the hotel has been medically equipped and prepared for admissions. The medical team consists of 23 professionals including 3 doctors, 5 nurses, 5 nursing care technicians, 5 administrative professionals and 2 cleaners, in addition to security personnel. The medical staff will take 12-hour shifts and at night they will remain ‘on-call’, while the rest of the team will have 24-hour shifts.

“From the Health Area of ​​Ibiza and Formentera, the generosity and altruism of the Playasol Ibiza Hotels chain is greatly appreciated, which has transferred the facilities of this hotel infrastructure and with which the Servei de Salut has signed an agreement for its sanitary use”, they emphasised in a statement.

This transfer of Playasol Ibiza Hotels “will improve the care of the home patient of Covid-19 and avoid possible infections among the most vulnerable population,” they highlight.

General Bed Availability

These 78 new beds are added to the 56 of the Ca Na Majora Medium Stay Unit – for mild patients and those from nursing homes, to the 73 in Can Misses Internal Medicine F and G wards, as well as the 33 ICU beds.

Therefore, there are 240 beds for patients with Covid-19, of which 49 are currently occupied: 30 beds in Internal Medicine, 5 in Ca Na Majora and 14 in the ICU, which represents 20.4% of all those available.