• Holiday Rental: Guide to legally rent your apartment to tourists
  • As from 30th July 2018, you can start the procedure for the legal commercial rental of apartments to the tourism market IF you can fulfil the criteria.

For the first time in the history of the Balearic Islands it is legal to rent an apartment in a residential block to tourists for short term vacation stays – if you can meet the criteria.

This follows a change in the rental laws last year, including the approval of new tourist zoning areas.

Now, once the zoning for the tourist commercialisation of houses has been approved, it is necessary to apply for registration and submit a declaration of initiation of tourist activity (DRIAT).

However, other documentation is necessary. And as you may expect, the process is unlikely to be straightforward.

Below is a link to an article in the Diario de Ibiza that contains all the step by step parts of the process – but before anybody gets too excited about their ability to make a rental killing on their apartment while they move in with mates for August – the big IF in whether you can fulfil the requirements is that, as far as we know*, every Municipality in Ibiza has decided NOT to include ANY commercial zoning in their area – so though there may be areas of Mallorca and Menorca where apartment owners can participate in the scheme, as far as Ibiza is concerned it is completely hypothetical.

To explain it in one sentence … you could rent your flat if there was a legal renting zone, but there isn’t, so you still can’t.

*Unless you know different?

Read the full report and guide to renting your apartment in the Diario de Ibiza here https://www.diariodeibiza.es/pitiuses-balears/2018/07/30/alquiler-vacacional-guia-alquilar-legalmente/1004874.html