According to reports that originated in the Sun newspaper and have subsequently been widely published in local and international press, the man who died on an Ibiza bound flight Sunday 9th September was seen taking an excessive amount of drugs prior to his collapse and death.

The Sun reports the comments of witnesses who were also passengers on the Ibiza flight, which was diverted for a medical emergency landing in Toulouse. The witnesses did not wish to be named, the Sun says they are women in their 20s.


Please note that almost every statement by the witnesses in the Sun report is preceded with ‘we heard’. It appears that the witnesses were not speaking first hand of their own observations, but reporting on the comments of other passengers sitting closer to the deceased man.

Presumed Cocaine

Despite ‘Coke’ being used in The Sun headline, and cited by the majority of republished articles as the cause of death, the only specific reference to Cocaine is actually in a comment by the witnesses that they had heard another passenger say that they had heard someone else say ‘we heard he was taking cocaine, but didn’t see him taking any drugs’.

Mid Air Incident

The report outlines how a man believed in his 30s was ‘acting strangely’. He was leaving his seat and using the bathroom excessively. It is said that flight attendants blocked access to the toilets, it is inferred to stop him using them to take drugs, but not stated.

The flight was diverted to Toulouse. Passengers were transferred to another flight five hours later

The man is then said to have ‘put the remainder of his white powder into his drink, and swallowed it all in front of the flight attendants’.  Again it is said without any first hand source being quoted, that he was worried he had been caught and wanted to get rid of the evidence.

There is also suggestion that the man’s father had died in the past few days, and his Ibiza trip was to get over the loss.

‘Amazingly Brave’ CPR

From this point the witnesses are reporting their own direct observations. They said the man was placed into the aisle after he began shaking violently. Staff rushed for life saving equipment from the front of the plane.

Two female passengers, described as “amazingly brave” by the Sun witnesses, immediately took over life saving CPR  manoeuvres for around 20 minutes.  “The two ladies reacted so quickly – they must have had a medical background.” The witness said. “Even when the plane was landing in Toulouse – one of the women stayed with the man and kept performing CPR despite the cabin crew telling her to get back in her seat.”

The man was pronounced dead on arrival at Toulouse hospital.