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The boat was stopped 80 miles south of Ibiza sailing towards Spain when the National Police and Customs Officials from the Tax Agency intercepted the haul.

Two members of the crew have been detained.

Drug Traffickers continue to carry large shipments of narcotics across the Mediterranean to Europe, with Spain as a place of purchase and strategic base. 

Preventative measures have been adopted to fight large scale drug trafficking. The sailboat, under a Dutch flag, gave cause for suspicion due to its erratic trajectory. It first laid anchor in Mallorcan waters and visited areas in the Mediterranean known for ‘drug loading’ before returning to Spanish waters bound for Europe.

National Police and Customs inspected the sailboat Thursday 26th and found 4 tonnes of Hashish aboard the vessel. The 2 Bulgarian crew members attempted to burn their cargo by setting fire to the boat, however they were unable to prevent the boarding and interception of the drugs.