• Harmonya to pave way for floating ‘sail-through’ take-away restaurant.
  • Work Begins to Remove Harmonya Fire Boat
  • The wreckage will be used to create sail-through take-away at the entrance to San Antonio harbour.

Work has begun to remove the burnt out hull of the Harmonya from the shore of Calo de Moro.

The ship caught ablaze last week, and the small beach to the north of San Antonio has been closed to the public since.

The mayor of Sant Antoni City Council, Josep Tur Cires, said that the beach would be reopened as soon as possible.


The work of removing fuel and the hull itself is being undertaken by the pleasure cruiser’s owner.

Today a source close to the project said that the Harmonya will be re-purposed to provide a sail through take-away restaurant in San Antonio Harbour. “It is something San Antonio has needed for a long time, but the problem with opening a marine restaurant is that the fire regulations for a commercial kitchen at sea make it almost impossible to open” they told us. “But because the Harmonya hull has been burnt out and survived the fire, the materials are now considered fire retardant by default. It is great to see something positive coming from the fire, and a great exercise in recycling.”

The new sail-through restaurant will be situated at the mouth of the harbour. Boats can sail up alongside and order burgers, fries, shakes and happy meals. Asked when the new enterprise would be operational they said “we are confident of getting the restaurant up and running by the beginning of the 2019 season, hopefully by the first day of April”