If you have a problem with any business transaction in the Balearics, your first port of call should be to the Consumer Rights web portal of the Balearic Government, the Portal del Consumidor.

The portal is available in Spanish or Catalan, and we would rate the Google auto translate as fair to middling. If your Spanish is not fluent you may need the assistance of a bi-lingual friend to help you navigate through the range of facilities offered by the website.

Details are given as to how you can submit a complaint via an appointment system, though the complaint can be dealt with online if you are a registered user, or have another form of accepted access such as an electronic dni.

Among the resources on the site you have details of regulations and standards, services offered by the department, details of the arbitration service, contact details of various consumer associations (see link below) and even a special section on dog ownership.

Access the main website portal here

portal del consumidor website

and for the list of consumer associations go directly here

consumer associations