Guardia Go The Extra Mile At Monochrome Mountain

  • words Rhian King
  • photos Toni Escobar

The Guardia Civil carried out a drug control on the access road to a mansion in es Puig de sa Creu last week after receiving notice that a ‘clandestine’ party was taking place there. At the top of this Hill is made up of four chalets sandboxed, driven at the time by a Kuwaiti real estate entrepreneur with businesses on the island, of which one is being managed by the Israeli promoter Monochrome for the clandestine celebration.

The Guardia Civil confirmed and checked videos uploaded to social networks that this was where the famous DJ Solomun celebrates his afterhours party.

The villa party began early in the morning and invites guests to a meeting point, where in turn they are picked up and driven to the location, in this case on the Esplanade on the Jesus public school road. AT the meeting point were around 20 people, some sniffing white substances in their vehicles. When asked where they got their tickets, they said in the club (Solomum).

After 5 minutes, two Mercedes vans arrived to ferry the party goers to the villa. One of the owners of the rental company stated that the vans could only be used by private individuals and that ‘making transfers’ could only be carried out by taxi drivers or chauffeured transport companies.

A minimum of seven vans turned yesterday to make trips of roundtrip to the mansion who organised the clandestine party, located less than ten minutes from the heart of Jesus, shortly after the estate of Can Fornet.

The Puig de sa Creu hardly has neighbours in the vicinity and there is video surveillance on the access road and notices stating it is private property, although the first part of the road is public. After a couple of curves, and in the middle of mountain, two security guards were there with string/rope closing off the road.

Shortly after midday, the police arrived and without judicial authorisation could not access the property itself, they performed a sound test (sonometria) and the music was within the allowed parameters. The two security guards, both wearing the Monochrome name and logo (a rhinoceros) said it was a simple ‘birthday party’, when they were asked if Solomun was playing, they denied he was there but admitted he had come earlier in the season.

Guardia Return With Backup Plan

In videos posted on social networks an hour after the sound check, it was verified that the party was held in a makeshift nightclub, a large room with a pool covered with a mobile dome and about two hundred people. In the video, DJ Acid Pauli was playing – who had played alongside Solomun at a nightclub in Ibiza Town.

Editor. Will be interested to hear what people think about this. The first attendance was shown to give no cause to enter the premises – noise levels were permissible. Were the Guardia right to focus their attention to finding another way? If a party is not causing a nuisance, should it be targeted at all? Is paying 20€ to attend any different to a bring a bottle party, or chipping in for a whip? Or do you think they are right to take the tough line  and all parties should be stopped? Let us know your thoughts.

The party continued and at 5pm five Guardia Civil agents arrived in three vehicles, accompanied by a German police officer and an Italian Carabinieri (both participating in a European exchange scheme) to install a drugs checkpoint.

The checkpoint was after the first couple of curves and they randomly checked the partygoers. In the searches they found different bags with white substances, in addition to pills.

In the testimonies recorded by the Guardia Civil, some people stated they had bought entrance to the after party from someone in the club. A female waiting to be registered by the Guardia Civil wore a bracelet with rhinos that formed the Monochrome logo. “Solomun gave it to me” The Diario de Ibiza reported her as saying, continuing ~It was not the first time she had attended a Solomun after party and said there are “about six a season, for 150-200 people”~.

The Guardia Civil have lamented at the difficulty of fighting these black market parties which only advertise by word of mouth because they can only be sanctioned if there is a sale of tickets or drinks.