The Officer was reported by a mother for masturbating in front of children at San Jose public baths.

The Civil Guard have confirmed they are investigating claims that one of their own officers was seen masturbating in front of children at the San Jose public swimming pool.

According to a report in the Diario de Ibiza, a Guardia Civil spokesperson admitted that the defendant is an officer on the force, although he did not clarify if the agent is suspended from work pending charges and/or trial.

Guardia Civil Officer Reported for Public Masturbation at Swimming Pool.
Guardia Civil Officer Reported for Public Masturbation at Swimming Pool.

Speaking for Sant Josep, the deputy mayor and councillor of the Interior, Paquita Ribas, confirmed yesterday that the managers of the municipal pool had been ordered to ban the entry of this man, about 40 years of age, to the premises.

Although this order was received three weeks ago, Ribas said that the officer investigated had not returned to the municipal pool since the alleged behaviour in front of minors was reported.

The facts go back to the end of last November, when the people in charge of the pool were alerted by a mother. According to the complainant’s story, her daughter had already warned her on one occasion that she had seen the man masturbating in public view.

Despite this first warning, it was not until her daughter told her of seeing the man masturbating again several days later that the mother decided to inform the pool monitors.

The specialist minors unit of the Local Police of Sant Josep initially took charge of the case. “When there are minors involved, this department is immediately notified, which oversees the first contact and of initially speaking with the families,” explained Ribas.

After the intervention of these municipal agents of Sant Josep, the mother of the girl presented “a formal complaint and has already been investigated by the judicial police of the Civil Guard,” said Ribas.

It is understood that the oral hearing of the case will be held next week, though the Guardia Civil spokesperson could not confirm this in their statement.