The investigators of the judicial police of the Guardia Civil have issued a statement in which they say they have “no doubt” that the young British tourist Anwaar Lahrichi-Freenwod died of “drowning and not because of an assault”.

In the announcement made from the Balearic command centre of the Guardia, they said  “We understand the pain of the family, but the results of the autopsy are conclusive, and the statements that the investigators have obtained from witnesses corroborate this.”

Anwaar’s family feel that he died as a result of an assault, specifically by a bottle in the head. The family visited San Antonio and offered a reward of 5,000 pounds to anyone who had information that lead to a criminal charge against the perpetrador of the attack that they feel cost 24 year old Anwaar his life.

Guardia Civil have "No Doubt" of Anwaar's Death Due to Drowning, Not Assault
Guardia Civil have "No Doubt" of Anwaar's Death Due to Drowning, Not Assault

The corpse of the young British man appeared floating in the port of Sant Antoni on August 5. The body was found completely naked, with some bumps and scratches. The autopsy, conducted at the Legal Medicine Institute of Ibiza, revealed that the cause of death was drowning, and that wounds and scratches could not be the cause of death.

The result of the autopsy is corroborated by the information provided by several people to the Civil Guard investigators, although the content of these testimonies has not yet been made public.

There was no comment made by the Guardia as to any alternative theories or conclusions as to why he did drown, or why his body was found naked.

The family have continued to campaign against what it says is apathy on the part of the Police in Ibiza. They received lead story coverage on the national BBC news.

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