A man who admits he was working as an illegal taxi driver at the time of the incident, has made a charge of assault against a Guardia Civil Officer. 

The incident occurred on Wednesday 28th of August in the bay of San Antonio. 

The 34 year old Spanish national says that a Civil Guard agent grabbed him by the neck, dealt two kicks in the buttocks and told him “to throw myself into the water” indicating the sea that was just a few metres away. He did as the officer instructed and having jumped into the sea and become wet he was allowed to leave.

In his account he states that he was touting for fares outside a bar in the bay. He saw three agents of the Guardia Civil approaching and tried to hide. One of the agents approached him and told him that he had already warned him several times and that he did not want to see him anymore in the area. It was following this that he was assaulted.

The man acknowledged that he works as a pirate taxi driver and that, although he knows that it is an illegal activity, he is not doing “anything bad”, and that he simply “works to survive.” “No one has to hit me for it,” he reasoned.

The complaint was submitted along with medical photographs showing bruising to both buttocks and marks to the neck that are said to be consistent with the complaint. 

The official report stated that if the officer cannot be identified in 72 hours, the case would not be submitted to the state prosecution service. But that can’t be right surely? Lost in translation.