• Nick Gibbs

Paddy Slater is a singer / songwriter and musician born in Preston (or as his website would have you believe ‘Preson’,  but as we don’t think Preson exists we’ll stick with Preston.)

Well known and loved as a regular on the Ibiza live circuit, Paddy’s passion for his music is only matched by that of football, and his club, Preson North End, (Sponsored by Bodyform?)


Paddy Slater makes musical mastery look effortless with his crowd-pleaser sets of guitar, keyboard and cajon music to which he adds his own distinctive vocals to sing-a-long covers and his own ever increasing repertoire of self-penned songs.

For most musicians that would be quite enough but at some point in his career Paddy must have had a realisation that not every limb was being fully utilised, a situation he clearly concluded was both wasteful and unfair. Paddy now ensures all body parts go to help in his art adding foot tapping percussion loops and other amazing feats of instrumental innovation – I think I once spotted him playing a harp with his elbow.


How to best describe his style, it is a tough one to call, folky-indie? I don’t know if that fits the bill but it really doesn’t matter what you call it, more importantly you’ll love it, everybody does.

Now I’ve finished there is something telling me Paddy is a Bradford fan. Should that be the case you can find out what a Cajon is as i am likely to be walking around with one protruding from where the sun does not shine.

For the 2015 season you can see Paddy play at

Darcy’s Cala De Bou Mondays and Fridays
Ibiza Rocks bar Tuesday Thursday and Sunday
Kanya in Cala Des Moro for a sunset session Wednesdays
Old Tavern Cala De Bou on Saturdays

For info on bookings, downloadable music etc see his website