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  • Tulp, San Antonio, Sunday 30th

Every cloud has a silver lining, and Thursday’s heavily raining clouds certainly had one, as the Tulp Koningsdag party due to take place on the 27th, before we printed, has been rescheduled to Sunday the 30th, giving plenty of time to tell you all about it.

Tulp has a great atmosphere from the day it opens until its Autumn closing. Too cool for fools, their laid back chill is the essence of what a beach bar should be—not forgetting that awesome sunset of course.

Go Dutch - Koningsdag @ Tulp, Sunday 30th
Go Dutch - Koningsdag @ Tulp, Sunday 30th

So it is not like they need a special occasion to make it a great place to be, but Koningsdag—that’s Kings Day just in case your Dutch is a little rusty– is certainly special enough to make it to make it to the top of your Sunday shortlist.

Far more like St Patrick’s Day than our own Monarch’s rather sedate celebrations, but of course orange instead of green and pickled herrings instead of pickled people.

OK the herring may be an acquired taste (one which I have long since acquired), but all other Dutch delicacies that will undoubtedly be doing the complimentary rounds will be assuredly delicious—you’ll love it, though you might struggle to spell it.

And a final tip to impress the Netherlands natives, a greeting is made with a kissGo Dutch - Koningsdag @ Tulp, Sunday 30th not twice, but thrice, which is nice.

Find Tulp on the S’Arenal Beach promenade.