I Feel Love @ Glitterbox

Opening Party. Friday 9th June 2017

  • Stephen Donovan

On A Love Hï

Wow, astonishing, unbelievable, incredible, amazing, exciting, seductive… I could spend hours looking in dictionaries and thesaurus’s for the right words. I could study the works of Ernest Hemingway or Oscar Wilde for inspiration, but I still don’t think I’d do descriptive justice to the night I had at Glitterbox Opening Party. However I will try my best.

Firstly, let’s get the elephant in the room (or on the page if you prefer) out of the way. Space is gone (RIP). It has been replaced by something new and glamorous, and for some, still mysterious, that is until you get to experience it for yourself. And once you do, you will see that sometimes change can be good, really, really good.

Hï Ibiza, has set an exceptionally high bar and standard for clubs worldwide. The people at Ushuaia Entertainment certainly didn’t cut any corners when redesigning this super club. Hï has an aura to it, not just an atmosphere or a look, it literally has an aura or a persona. It’s clean, new, colourful, playful. Hi have certainly pushed the boundaries.

New Kind of Love

Hï now has a new and improved layout. It has 2 main rooms, The Theatre (Room 1 Once The Discoteca), and The Club (Room 2 once The Terrace) completely separate but only a moment apart. Then you have the Magic Garden, which is an outside room perfect to gather your thoughts, chill for a few minutes and chat with friends. The Wildwest is truly Hï’s ace up its sleeve, when you enter you think it’s another club room, it’s jam-packed with people, there’s full light production, a DJ booth and then you realise it’s the toilets! It’s incredible, something from Alice In Wonderland. The room was pumping, as I discover this bizarre space, Oliver $’s ‘Doing Your Thing’ plays and the crowd goes wild.

Now, with Hï covered lets discuss Glitterbox.

“The Stars Align, Something Magical Happens, And I Feel Love”

Glitterbox has always been a favourite of mine, plainly and simply because of its music policy; Disco, House, Fuck, Soul, all the greatest genres of music under one roof. Whether you’re a disco connoisseur or a boogie/house newbie, it’s impossible not to be caught up in the musical mischief. Glitterbox, is something that most other nights on the island aren’t, it’s fun. As much of a trance and tech fan I am, at times you just need to have a proper boogie and let yourself go with the flow.

Glitterbox will dance Fridays away for 16 spectacular nights, bringing some of the biggest names in the game to Playa D’en Bossa’s newest super club. Dimitri From Paris, Armand van Helden, David Morales, Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez, The Shapeshifters, and Basement Jaxx, to name just a few. Alongside live PA´s from Barbra Tucker, Crystal Waters and Heather Small, and add the best dancers on the island, these parties are not to be missed.

I venture into The Theatre and 50 disco balls greet me together with an LED screen so big I’ve never seen anything like it. The production and sound are remarkable, lights seem to bounce off every wall. Every so often the stars do align and something magical happens. It’s these moments that make me want to go clubbing week in week out.

Tonight it was the magic of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ – everyone knows it. It’s that infectious bass line, building up to Donnas big line ´I FEEL LOVE!!!!’. The few thousand clubbers sing it out as one voice. They are feeling it, I am feeling it, this is a special kind of love. It was without doubt the highlight of the night. Bravo Glitterbox, bravo.

From The City Of Love

I head over to The Club to catch the headliner of the night Dimitri from Paris. Dimitri´s sound of funk, disco and house is truly unique and infectious. As I enter its Joey Negro´s ´Come On Make A Move On Me´ coming through the newly installed Adamson sound system. As I look around at the almost full room, it’s hard to imagine that this was once The Terrace. With my nostalgia out of the way I boogie the night away with ´tune after tune´ from Dimirti. He plays some classics including Basements Jaxx ‘Rendez Vu’ and CeCe Peniston’s Finally. Shovell accompanies the tracks live on percussion, which is amazing to see up close.

If you find yourself in need of a change from the Ibiza norm, Glitterbox is definitely the night you need to be at. Lashings of disco, house and soul anthems, with lavish and astonishing production. Glitterbox will keep you dancing all night long – you will feel it, and you will love it.

Catch Glitterbox at Hï Ibiza every Friday until its closing party on 29th of September.