The children's play area at plaza del la paz in Ibiza Town. Photo Ibiza Spain

Reports of a very serious incident yesterday when an 8 year old girl was accosted by a man in the children’s play area of Ibiza Town’s Parque de la Paz (Peace Park).

The man is said to have sexually abused the young girl, also enticing her to take a powder substance presumed drugs.

The man also attacked a member of the public who tried to intervene.

The mother of the girl reported the incident to local police. She said the girl was playing with her 14 year old brother and others. That it was very busy with many people there, which meant the mans actions went unnoticed for some time.

According to her account the man grabbed hold of her daughter when she ventured close to him. He started to touch the 8 year old, using a newspaper to screen what he was doing.

The man pressured the girl to take a powder substance. He told her it was ‘very good’ and said it was a protein powder. The general consensus of reports in today’s Spanish press is that it was an attempted drugging with a view to kidnapping the girl.

Public Intervention

A member of the public noticed what the man was doing and went to intervene. The man headbutted the citizen and made his escape as other people around the park became aware of what was happening.

By the time police arrived the man had fled. The mother gave the police details and a description.

The man is said to be around 30 years old, dark complexion, dressed in beach style, shorts and sandals, and had a bandaged foot.

National police have been alerted but said that the mother had not yet reported to them to give the full facts.