Uber gaming software developer Ubisoft have announced that Ibiza is one of their new locations for their gaming title Tom Clancey’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Below you can see the video trailer for the new release, together with a gamer’s eye view of what will be offered in the white island map due for launch in February 2017.

The new add on, titled ‘Operation Velvet Shell’, will take players on a trip to “the rocky shore of Ibiza, Spain.”


“Get ready for an effervescent night ambience with neon lights of bars and open-air parties, which Ibiza is famous for,” Ubisoft said. “Daytime is a hazy afternoon on a hot summer day after a long night out.”

Magazine PC Gamer said it “Sounds like a great place to be, except for all those people shooting at you wherever you go.”

Ubisoft said a proper reveal and live demo of Operation Velvet Shell will be presented at the Six Invitational, a $200,000 PC/Xbox One tournament that begins on February 3 and runs until February 5. The tournament will be livestreamed on YouTube and various other channels.