• Carly S

Futura Lounge Bar and Grill was rapidly becoming a favourite of mine even before I ate there on Sunday due to the family friendly environment, great prices and fantastically warm and welcoming hosts Dave and Nikki – also very talented musicians who have no ego and are happy to get up and entertain or to sit and jam with their punters. I’ve enjoyed a few evenings with them now, and eating there has definitely solidified its status as My New Favourite Bar.

[quote_box_right]Futura Pun: Nikki Belle, who manages Futura alongside partner Dave, achieved chart success with catchy club classic “I’m Horny, Horny, Horny, Horny”, hence “I’m Hungry, Hungry, Hungry, Hungry” …. mmmm …. if you have to explain …. I’ll get my coat.[/quote_box_right]

I’ll start by saying I’m not a curry fan. I was relieved when Nikki said she was bringing both a curry and some chicken wings as I’d never choose curry from a menu. However, the smells emanating from the little open kitchen at the back of the room got my taste buds tingling before the food even arrived and I couldn’t resist sampling the succulent looking chicken doused in a sauce visibly teeming with fresh herbs and spices. It was, without a doubt, like no curry I’ve tasted before. Nikki told me how she’d sit on the worktop in the kitchen every Sunday when she was a kid, watching her Jamaican Dad make it, asking ‘What’s that Dad? What are you putting in now?’ I didn’t ask exactly what was in it, but could taste chilli pepper, coconut, citrus and loads of other spices and herbs perfectly balanced so as not to swamp the more delicate flavours with heat but to still bring a spicy zing. Amazing. This family recipe is definitely one perfected over time and full of love. It was both subtle and powerful at the same time and was sublimely complimented by a delicious, fresh citrusy home made coleslaw which took the heat out of your mouth. Oh, and proper chips. Hand cut, homemade, as-close-to-British-chip-shop-ships-as-I’ve-ever -tasted-in-Ibiza, proper chips. Heaven. I loved every mouthful of the curry … but only got  a couple as my husband was rapidly demolishing the lot amidst proclamations of ‘this is amazing. We need to learn how to make this!’. But, to be fair, I had said he could have it as I didn’t think I was a curry fan. Nikki’s now converted me – and at just 5€ for a curry and a caña on Sundays, you’ve nothing to lose in getting down there and trying it for yourself.


The wings were also delicious. Tender, big and juicy, they were marinated in fresh garlic, herbs and spices – three options are available according to taste, we had a mix of garlic and herb and spicy jerk –  then barbecued until the meat was ready to fall off the bone. My two year old wing fan wolfed down three of them along with the aforementioned proper chips and coleslaw and scrumptious barbecue sweet corn, barely taking time to breathe and asking ‘more?’ after every bite. I happily took care of the rest and thoroughly enjoyed every morsel. If you’ve heard Nikki sing before you’ll know what a compliment it is when I say her cooking is like her voice…Bold, powerful, distinctive and passionate with a delicate edge and bags of wow factor.

futura-816-copyFutura is open on weekends only through the winter, and in my opinion fills a gap in the market with its fully enclosed, safe, family environment (a huge bonus for a mum to an active toddler, like me, who can actually relax without having to chase my daughter across a room and catch her before she escapes into the road or sea as I do in many other places) a massive free bouncy castle, fantastic hosts, top quality live musical performances from said hosts and phenomenal home cooked food. However, if you need any more reasons to go,  then perhaps their packed schedule of activities can entice you. Every Friday from 3pm they hold a Roller Disco with kids hotdog or burger and chips plus drink for just 5€. On Saturdays they open from 3pm with Jamaican BBQ, Karaoke and DJ until late and on Sundays they open at 12 with a table top market until 4 (call Denise on 659 759 500 to reserve a table at the market), curry and caña for 5€, bacon baps at 2€ and music all day long. They also do different specials, which you can find on the blackboard and can be hired for parties. Find them on the lower bay road in Cala de Bou, adjoining the Gorila Market. Free parking on site. More info on their Facebook group “The Futura Live Lounge and Grill”