So you think you’re local? The Forada fiestas are just about as local and traditional as you can get.

With activities and events from the ‘Matances’, the traditional slaughter of the pig to provide winter protein for the rural family, to lessons in dry stone walling and how to plant and care for almond trees, the Forada fiestas give a real insight to rural Ibiza.

But it isn’t all heritage pastimes, the programme includes everything from Zumba to kids cycling to proper parties – the biggest of which will be on the Saints day of 8th December, Day of the Immaculate Conception.

The mass at noon is followed by some ball pagès, i bunyols i vi pagès – that’s folk dancing, accompanied by doughnuts and farmer’s wine. The party proper starts at 5pm and included in the evening itinerary is a demonstration and lessons in swing dancing by Ibiza Swing Lab.

OK, you’ll have to do a bit of the work yourself here. The PDF below will be difficult to read on screen, its format is as bad as it could be for our reader, but you can download a local copy.

Below that you will find a direct google auto-translate – some bits make sense, some don’t, but you’ll have enough to go on to see what might be of interest. You can take it from there.

The map shows Can Tixedo – some of the events are taking place there, and everything else is in close proximity. The social centre itself is not known/shown by google, but a few metres from the junction at map ref 38.9905715,1.3647065 (our thanks to Laura Stirling-Hurst for that)


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Sunday 11 November

10 h VI popular school crossing. Organized by Club Sa Raval. In the circuit it devours the social center.

13 h Master class of Zumba. In the attic of the social center.

7pm Cau tournament. In the social center.

Sunday 18th November
10 h Nordic departure. Meeting point: social center.

11 h ‘Matances a l’envelat’.. And at the end of the work, at 2 pm, spent on slaughter. You must go to the telephone number 626 644 643. Limited places. In the social center.

Friday, November 23
16 h Dry stone workshop. Given by Vicent Palermet. In the social center.

Saturday, November 24
10 h Dry stone workshop. Given by Vicent Palermet. In the social center.

From 12 a.m. to 8 p.m. VIII Feast Mamis & Papis. Workshop for the benefit of the Buscastell school. In the attic of the social center. Activities:
• Second hand products market.
• Popular Dinar.
Ticket sales and more information at
the AMIPA. Limited places
• Children’s workshops.

Sunday 25th November
7pm Handle Tournament. In the social center.

Friday November 30th
8 pm Opening of the exhibition by painter Romanie. From November 30 to January 10. At 9 pm performance by Mirall. At Can Tixedó Art Cafè.

Saturday, December 1
7pm IX Sample folkloric Arrels Vives. With the performances of the folk group of Guardo (Palencia), the group Aritz Berri Dantza Taldea (Bilbao) and Sa Colla de Buscastell

Sunday 2nd of December
17 h. Mass tribute to the elders.

6 pm Berenada for our elders.
In the social center.

Thursday, December 6
10.30 Master Kids Buscastell. Race of bicycles, up to cadets. In charge of the Sports Club Master Team.

12 h The day of Solidarity:

– 12 h Drawing contest.
– 12 h Care4Cats: solidarity market.
– 14 h. Toast for the benefit of AFFARES.
– 15 h Tournament Tournament.
– 16 h. Capoeira show, with in
Banzo de Senzala Ibiza.
– 5 pm Performance by magician Albert

Saturday, December 8th
Day of the Immaculate Conception
12 h Solemn mass. Followed by farmed dance by Sa Colla de Buscastell and tasting of donuts and wine farmers.

In the attic of the social center:

17 h Plant competition.
They must be held on Friday afternoon at the social center, between 6 pm and 8 pm.

5.30 pm Popular chocolate.

6:30 pm Theater performance by the Es Molí Theater Group with ‘Vivencias’

20.30 h Awards ceremony Festivities of Forada.

21 h Swing Night. With the performance of Bluesmafia and is Saligardos. And with entertainment and dance classes run by Ibiza Swing Lab.

Saturday, December 15
10 h Vegetable covers and green fruit fertilizers. Technical day at a planting of almond trees from the Pla de Corona. Meeting point: bar Cas Ferrer de Corona.

From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
III Alliolis Festival. Inside the Market of Forada, of crafts and local product. Registration at 679 215 074 or at Limited places

8 pm Barsa toast and traditional games. Each one has what he wants to roast. In the social center of Forada.

Sunday, December 16th
11 h Buscastell’s Broll Weight Walk. Toasted sobrasada and sweetened of oranges for the participants. Starting point: social center.

Sunday, December 23
7 pm Christmas and biscuit contest. In the social center.

Sunday, January 27
2 pm Lunch for the elderly

And remember that in March: the Fair of the Four Sales.

Many years and good!