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Ibiza to New York Direct - coming to our flight schedules soon.

Ibiza to New York Direct, Ibiza to Miami and Ibiza to Toronto Direct, plus 11 new European Destinations.

A meeting of the Airport Routes Committee has detailed plans to make long-haul direct flights into Ibiza a reality.

The 2020-2022 Air Connectivity Plan aims to ensure that Ibiza has direct long-haul connections with New York and Miami in the U.S.A., plus Toronto in Canada and a further eleven new European destinations.

2020-2022 Air Connectivity Plan

The Balearic Minister of Transport and Housing, Marc Pons, was joined by the deputy director of the Tourism Strategy Agency of the Balearic Islands (AETIB), Vicent Torres; and the president of the Consell d’Eivissa, Vicent Torres.

Also participating in the ambitious project to expand Ibiza’s air connections are airport authority AENA, the Government, the Municipal Council of Sant Josep and others.

Explaining the plans in relation to capacity, Pons said that though Ibiza airport had more passengers in 2018 than 2017, it actually had less flights. The message from the committee is that the demand from these additional locations is there and must be developed.  “Our report analysing these routes has demonstrated the demand, and also which airlines may be interested in operating them, and how they could be encouraged to do so”

Ibiza to New York Direct

There were no details given of when an Ibiza to New York direct flight could be a reality, however the committee is saying clearly that direct flights to the USA and Canada are on their short term objectives. 

Vicent Torres (AETIB) said that it is necessary to extend the season, not increase flights during the already demanding high season. Torres said that it was felt demand for additional low and off season tourism is possible in the home Spanish market, plus Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Ireland and Romania.

Environmental Considerations

The question of environmental considerations limiting the expansion of flight schedules was rebuffed, the committee stating that whereas alternative access was available to destinations on the mainland, Ibiza as an island had no option but to look towards its airport for its future economy.