03/11/2016: Nick Gibbs: editor@theibizan.com

We are indebted to an Ibizan reader* who has kindly sent us a copy of the Ibiza Sun number 37, published on the 30th August 2000.

Unfortunately neither of the newspaper’s previous owners kept an archive, and so this edition offers a rare glimpse into the English speaking community’s take on turn of the century Ibiza.

Those in Ibiza at the time are guaranteed a few moments of nostalgia, however whenever your Ibiza story started, there is no shortage of content that will evoke a feeling of déjà vu.

The full edition pdf is available to view at the end of this article. 


The front page news is of a dramatic police chase car crash, including a lucky escape for some British tourists who put their good fortune down to a bronze podenco statue.

Inside there are several stories relating to building controls, one of which is a demolition order issued in respect of the trance club built without permission in Ses Salinas 5 years earlier.

Local News

Page 3’s Local News could just have easily been written at the end of August 2016. A new scheme to ease traffic in Ibiza town, overstretched accident and emergency unit at Can Misses including a drug overdose Brit, problems with water and electricity supply, problems with waste and littering on beaches, and parents bemoaning the lack of places at local schools.


Plus, of course, and what Ibiza summer newspaper could be without it, a report on the problems of insufficient Taxis to meet demand.

The report states that Taxi licence numbers in place in 2000 are based upon demand assessed in the late 70’s and early 80’s. There was an attempt by Santa Eulalia to issue more licences however this was scuppered by the taxi drivers association who “like the situation of over-demand as it guarantees their income”.

The report ends with the statement that “All the Town Councils are determined to find a solution to the lack of taxis as it is having a detrimental effect on tourists and residents alike”.


There are 4 drug related reports including the death of an Italian man leaving Amnesia and a warning to avoid the ‘yellow ecstasy’ pills he had taken. As a side note the incident was attended by Local Police who had arrived at Amnesia to make sure they were closing on time :-)

Perhaps somebody will remember an English and Irish duo who were arrested that week for selling ‘Versace’ ecstasy in San Antonio? They were found in possession of 300+ pills.

“Looky Looky” Violence & Balcony Fall

We may have moved on in the p.c.ness of our terminology, but problems with illegal street traders are reported in an incident where a British man is arrested for ‘beating up a looky looky’.

The third case of a tourist falling from their balcony in the space of 2 weeks is reported – and that is something we have thankfully seen far less of in the last year.


In the Ibiza Sun’s ‘Essential clubbing guide’ (Charlie Chester may have a lawsuit on his hands), the Top news was of Moby playing to a sell-out 7,000 at Privilege.

Also at Privilege, Sister Bliss, Tall Paul and Eric Morillo were on the line up at Renaissance, and of course the one and only Manumission on Monday followed up the Privilege night with a Tuesday morning carry on at Space. Talking of carry ons …

According to the printed schedule, in 2000 Space were holding daytime parties 6 days of the week, 4 of those days started with a morning carry on, and on the weekend ‘At Home’ ran from Saturday night all the way through Sunday and on to its Monday morning finish. Oh happy days.

Other notable nights include some of club-worlds longest standing parties, Judgement Sunday at Eden, plus La Troya and Cream at Amnesia all still running in Ibiza 2016, and the nostalgia inducing names (in Ibiza at least) of Miss Moneypenny’s, God’s Kitchen, Ministry of Sound, and Twice as Nice – for whom we offer retrospective apologies to Alfredo for the newspaper’s description of “UK garage sounds courtesy of an old XR2 with the radio turned up loud.”

Eden has several interesting nights, on Friday MTV, on Tuesday Paul Taylor’s Retro (Paul returned to Ibiza with Retro in 2016), and on Wednesday no other than Gatecrasher, a name that will never be mentioned within the walls of Eden unless preceded by some suitable four letter expletives.


Sgt Peppers II is introducing ‘Flipside’, a night for ‘Female D.J.s only’, something that it is difficult to see being advertising just 16 years later, and just as rare now are the several travel agents and money exchange shops.

Luz Menu put their name to being responsible for the printing of the Ibiza Sun, some would say it is rather surprising they would choose to do so given what you will see below, but then t’was a simpler time…

The Ibiza Sun #37 

Below is the full edition. At that time the Ibiza Sun was in A4 format and 8 pages. Apologies for the quality, however as the sender said, it is an fair reflection of the original.

*Regrettably we did not make a note of the reader’s name. We would like to acknowledge their contribution so please let us know if it was you :-) 

If you have any old copies of the Ibiza Sun from 1999 to 2005 we would very much like to see them. 

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