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Feeling a little peckish I popped in to Flaherty’s for a Saturday pit stop and purchased a plate of proper pub grub for a bargain 7,90€

Their curry Saturday special is available throughout March from doors opening at noon through to 10 pm.

Your 7,90€ gets you either Chicken Tikka Masalla or a Balti, served half and half with rice and chips, or should that be quarter quarter quarter and quarter as you also get a naan bread and poppadom.

So is it of Indian restaurant authenticity? Frankly no, but then Flaherty’s is not an Indian restaurant. It stacks up to the curry’s you’ll find on your regular U.K. Pub menu – but at 7,90€ which is what, around £6? It does seem an absolute bargain.

Flaherty’s also has plenty to offer that most Indian restaurants don’t, a proper sports bar Saturday atmos.

Whatever your sport, chances are it will be better with a 7,90€ curry plate.

Whilst there, manager Sue gave us a sneak peak of their 2017 Pintxos entries – including pie or Irish stew and wine or small Guinness for the 2,50€ entry – It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s sale of the flipping century (is that how you say it?)

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