“F**k him, he deserved it, he had it coming” Lads’ Boast After Conor Killing

  • Within minutes of the attack that cost Conor Spraggs his life, our Eye-witness talks to a gang boasting that they were Conor’s attackers. They show no remorse, and say he “needed a kicking”.
  • 6 young British men arrested, 4 for participating in the attack, 2 for failing to aid.
  • £11,000 raised for repatriation of Conor’s body.


A reliable and credible local resident known to the Ibizan has given us eye witness testimony from an encounter with a group of young people boastfully claiming they were the ones who had attacked Conor Lee Spraggs.

Our witness walked past the scene of the attack on the San Antonio s’Arenal paseo while paramedics were still with Conor, but they feared he was already dead. “I have worked in hospital emergency departments before” they told us “and know the signs. It didn’t look good at all, but I walked straight by and continued around the paseo.”

Our witness was walking from San Antonio in the direction of the Bay. Near to Hotel Hawaii they came across a group of young people. “They were very happy, laughing and joking, enjoying themselves, which is nothing unusual late at night on the Paseo. I asked them if they knew what had happened back along the promenade, why there was an ambulance. One said, fuck him, he needed a good kicking, and they just laughed about it”.

I asked the witness whether there was any indication how many had been involved. “They all seemed to be revelling in it. Saying similar ‘fuck him’ and other abusive things. They were even saying what they had done ‘did you see it when I..’ kind of thing. But the last thing I expected when I asked the question was a confession, so it all came as a bit of a shock. I wasn’t thinking about the need to focus on who was saying what”.

Our witness then told them how serious the situation looked to be. “I said I think he is dead you know, but it didn’t change them at all. One said ‘fuck him, he deserved it, he had it coming. They just carried on laughing about it. There wasn’t any indication of remorse at all. I don’t know if that is because they didn’t believe it, or they really were that unconcerned, but if they are that callous God knows what they are capable of, so I left and continued on my way home”.

We talked to our witness early the same morning of Conor’s death, prior to the arrests now made in connection with the case.

The Witness has also conveyed testimony to the Police and we would expect them to be involved in an identification process.

Court Appearance

A total of six young British men have been arrested in connection with the death of Conor Lee Spraggs.

Four have been arrested in connection with participating in the attack. They have been named by the British press as Lewis Nolan (18), Kyle Coen (18), Jordan Weston (21), and William Peake (18).

arriving at Ibiza court, two of the young men arrested on suspicion of attacking conor lee spraggs. photo diario de ibiza.

20-year-olds Matthew Walshaw and Mark Cooper have been arrested on suspicion of ‘failing to assist’ Spraggs, a law in Spain that places a legal responsibility on individuals not to ignore a person in need of medical attention.

It has been confirmed from multiple sources that, in addition to Conor Spraggs, there were 5 men and two women present at the attack. There is no explanation given by the police as to whether they are still seeking the two girls, or whether they have been ruled out of any further action being taken.

We are aware that prior to the arrests Police had obtained CCTV footage which helped them in their identification of the suspects, though it is unclear whether this film included the attack itself.

The arrested men have appeared before a Judge at Ibiza court. The Judge will now hear further testimony before it is decided what, if any, charges may be forthcoming.


A fundraising appeal has been set up to cover the costs of repatriating Conor’s body to the U.K.

The crowdfunding appeal on justgiving.com was started by friend Bradley Pearce in Conor’s home town of Stevenage.

conor lee spraggs (from social media)

At time of writing over £11,000 has been donated by over 400 donations. The appeal has a target of  £12,000.

On the page, Bradley wrote: “Conor was tragically killed on his last day of his holiday in Ibiza. We are trying to raise enough money to fly his body home so he can be back with his family and put to rest in his home town. Conor was a gentle soul with a heart of gold, who is going to be deeply missed by family and friends and anyone who knew him.”

20 Year Old British Lad Beaten to Death By Gang On San An Paseo