At around 3.30pm this afternoon, the alarm was raised for a fire on a plot of land which contained flammable materials. 

The land is situated close to Avenida Sant Agustì, commonly known as the Upper Bay Road and the fire spread very quickly due to the intense heat from the flammable materials and combustible items kept within the plot of land. 

Given the proximity of the fire, the Upper Bay road was closed and properties evacuated for safety. IBANAT mobilised 2 fire planes, 3 helicopters, 2 fire engines, 26 firefighters, 3 environmental agents, 2 technicians and a chief Foreman to tackle the blaze. Crews have been working to extinguish the fire. 

At least one car has been devoured by the flames, the fire reached nearby houses and eyewitnesses have reported hearing explosions. According to neighbours the plot of land was fenced and full of waste, including flammable materials.

Firefighters appear to have the incident under control, helicopters are still dropping water on the affected area.