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On Sunday 22nd March, the Guardia Civil alone issued 40 fines in Ibiza. Over the course of the weekend, the Local Police of Sant Joan reported 7 fines and Santa Eulalia handed out 15.

The confinement measures put in place are designed to prevent the exponential spread of Covid-19. They are there for our own safety, and the safety of others.

Our local law enforcement agents – the Guardia Civil, Local and National Police, have the unfortunate task of keeping the public in order during this pandemic and it seems people are just not getting the message. Stay Indoors.


The Guardia Civil have issued several fines for people blatantly ignoring the confinement order, many on the beach. Included were a man with a metal detector on the beach in Sant Antoni, a group of people smoking together in the Portmany Bay area. In Cala Codolar, Porroig, Cala Jondal and Playa d’en Bossa, 6 people were fined for their inability to justify being out in public. There were several complaints of runners being out on the streets – another prohibited activity. A group of mountain bikers were spotted in the ses Salines area however they evaded the police, avoiding being fined. Others were fined for going out to watch the sunset on the east coast.

Santa Eulalia

Between Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd, Local Police handed out 15 fines, mainly to people gathered in groups. 12 of the sanctions were for people disrespecting the confinement by gathering in public/common areas. Of the 12 were a group of youths smoking together in the street, a group of men drinking and chatting by their communal pool, a man sitting on a bench reading at midnight, a group of 7 in a park together and a runner. 

Sant Joan

The Local Police issued 7 fines to people travelling on the road who failed to comply with the confinement order.


Most citizens are law-abiding and stay inside despite the inevitable ‘cabin-fever’. The biggest issue it seems the police are having to face are meaningless excuses. “Some of these people find it difficult to understand and do not understand that they have to stay home, but the worst are those who try to tease us,” said one agent.

With another 15 days added to the existing state of alarm, more fines will undoubtedly be issued.

See our article below to get full information on the confinement order – what is and is not allowed, where you can go and the fines you could face for ignoring the lockdown measures.

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