There is one last chance to indulge yourselves in Ibiza’s summer season. The weather is still fantastic, on the most part, and the  planes are still flying, on the most part.

Despite the problems of Ryanair and in a much bigger way Monarch, there are plenty of options available for those wanting a last hurrah on the white island travelling from the UK, and bargains to be had for Ibiza residents wanting a trip in the opposite direction.

Closing Party Luxury

Though certainly not the cheapest option available, life would be pretty dull if we spent all our time bargain hunting. We found 7 nights, flight and accommodation and many other creature comforts included at the 5* Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle and Spa for £1038 for 2 people.

Flying out from London Stansted Sunday 8th at a civilised 5.25pm, this will have you arriving in time for the Hi closing, onto DC10 Monday and as many more during the week as you can handle, unless you prefer to kick back and enjoy the spa facilities, and why not. Here is what the Jet2 holiday people say

“Clean, contemporary lines and unique design features set this modern hotel apart on the dazzling east coast of Ibiza. Plunge into a pool with underwater music, relax in feng shui-inspired rooms and admire the rising rock of Formentera from the scenic roof top terrace. Attention-to detail is key at the Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa. You will discover this from the moment you wake under innovative light sensors to trying expertly mixed cocktails at the chill-out bar or being pampered by luxurious Clarins products at the oasis-like spa. The Vi Cool restaurant is just as exclusive, offering creative concepts by a twice Michelin-starred chef.
Exclusive additions that will enhance your Indulgent Escape
Look forward to added luxuries only available with Indulgent Escapes. You will receive an exclusive 25kg baggage allowance and two complimentary drinks per person to enjoy during your flights, as well as priority lane security pass at your outbound UK departure airport and private transfers in resort to ensure a comfortable journey. You will also receive a complimentary leather travel wallet, certain to prove useful on your Indulgent Escape.”

Royal Plaza

If your budget does not stretch quite that far, we found 4 nights at the Royal Plaza in Ibiza town for a ridiculously reasonable £260 which you can combine with flights from as little as £15 – see later in article.

Your £260 at the Royal Plaza will be extremely well spent in indulging yourself in old school service standards and using a mini bar that you will undoubtedly clear out, your enjoyment and comfort is their ethos.

Cheap as Chips?

If you really wanted to go as cheap as possible, accommodation is available for £110, as long as you want to  keep it really , really, basic.

This basic.

Flight Only?

A truly hard-core clubber might consider a £100 weekend round trip which would enable you to step off the plane, go directly to Amnesia closing and providing you have sufficient stamina, you could go straight back onto the plane.

Straight off the plane into the club is pretty damn cool, but remember it only remains so if you let people ask you about it. Banging on about your own coolness, just isn’t cool.

Ibiza To UK & UK to Ibiza

Below in the table we have presented the complete availability of flights to all parts of the UK up until the summer schedules finish on the 2nd November.

Prices vary hugely. Sky scanner shows the cheapest available during the month at only £14, whereas the highest price currently listed is an eye watering £399—and that is direct.

Strangely the prices seem less when starting the trip in the UK which says something about the whole closing weekend dilution across what is now several weeks.

Football First

There maybe other reasons for returning to the UK for a quick break, but I can’t think of any that come as close to being important as football.

I have booked a flight from Ibiza to London Stansted on the 21st October, returning 3 days later for under £30 which insanely is less than the price of leaving the car at Ibiza airport.

Happy days