Fights and Fines in Ibiza

3 arrested on Talamanca beach for disobeying the time regulations, resisting authority and alleged assault. Video of the altercation in the text.

More fines are issued across the island as people continue to disobey the current regulations.

Talamanca Arrests

3 people, caught on Talamanca beach at around 11.30am were arrested for numerous offences including disobeying the current lockdown regulations, resisting officers and alleged assault.

The event occurred after officers asked the group why they were there outside of their allocated time schedule. According to the police report, the group showed an aggressive attitude to the officers insulting them and not respecting social distancing. On asking again why they were there, the male in the group approached the agent in an aggressive manner.

At that time, the local police officer “used regulatory defence to safeguard the distance and separate” from the man.

“The three detainees continued with an aggressive attitude and without collaborating” and, “when the agent prepared to obtain the affiliation data, one of the women approached him from behind, at which point the agent turned around and the male took the opportunity to throw himself at the officer, imprisoning his head with his arms, specifically with the manoeuvre known as the ‘mata león'” – a type of choke hold that prevents breathing and causes fainting.

“As a result of this, the agent and the male fell to the ground and the man took the opportunity to submerge the agent’s head under the water while keeping his neck pressed,” according to the City Council’s account. “The agent became out of breath due to the violence of the drowning manoeuvre that the now detainee was practising on him,” they added from Can Botino.

Finally, the agent managed to free himself thanks to the action of his partner in the Local Police. A second patrol came to the scene and took the three detainees to the National Police offices to carry out the corresponding procedures.

You can see a video of the altercation courtesy of the Diario de Ibiza here.

More Fines Across Ibiza

For its part, the Guardia Civil denounced 6 people on Saturday who were having a barbecue on a rooftop in Sant Antoni. The National Police arrested a 44 year old woman who was caught walking the streets of Ibiza, allegedly saying she had just been to a friends house. She had already been denounced twice. At almost the same time, a 53 year old person was arrested in Ibiza for the same reason. She had been denounced 3 times and also arrested for disobedience on the 6th April.

In addition, agents surprised a 48 year old man in Vila on Saturday afternoon who was sitting without doing any sports activity. When police advised him of the current regulations he got defensive and refused to identify himself. When he finally handed over his documentation, he confronted the agents again and tried to flee. He was then arrested.
For its part, the Ibiza Local Police, along with the National Police, arrested a 39 year old citizen on Saturday when he was walking outside the permitted hours.