Fatal Accident On San Carlos Road

On Saturday 4th February, a 68-year-old woman died after being hit by a car on the road from Santa Eulalia to San Carlos.

The woman crossed the road close to her home and about 50 metres from the Sa Rota hardware shop when she was hit by the car driven by a young man.

The accident happened around 11.30am in an area considered to be an accident blackspot.

Fatal Accident On San Carlos Road Blackspot
Fatal Accident On San Carlos Road Blackspot

Emergency services attended however, paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene after attempts to revive her were unsuccessful.

Photo: the scene of the accident in which a 68yr old woman died

Editorial comment: Always grinds my gears when people ask where Ibiza’s speed traps are located. Why ask? Just slow down. The police report does not say whether this accident was caused by a car driving too quickly, but way too many accidents on Ibiza’s secondary main roads are caused by speeding. People drive them as if there are no pedestrians and/or ingress/egress points.

Ironically a lot of the metal barriers being installed are making it even more unsafe for pedestrians by forcing them to walk in the road where they could have previously used the verge.

Personally I do not understand why huge sums are being spent on cycle lanes when so many areas don’t even have a pavement. Cycle lanes are great, but in terms of priority surely a pavement has to be higher on the list?

As a footnote to a report this week regarding a police clampdown on foreign plated cars, there was mention of forthcoming Police training in the use of mobile speed radar equipment. Though as a motorist the natural reaction is to resist such measures, frankly Ibiza needs teaching a lesson.