• Two arrested and three injured in West End brawl.
  • The three injured were a British father ages 52 and his two sons both aged 25.
  • Two Senegalese men aged 37 and 42 arrested for theft. 

Inset photo of the incident from facebook of Alex Capdevila. The person in a red jacket is wielding a chair above his head.

The Guardia Civil have arrested two men aged 37 and 42, and of Senegalese nationality, for an offence of robbery with violence and intimidation and injury.

As reported in the Diario de Ibiza, the incident occurred at dawn yesterday in the West End when a Senegalese man allegedly stole a gold chain belonging to a member of the British family who have recently arrived in Ibiza.

The family caught the thief in the act and their intervention triggered a fight involving ten Senegalese and several British.

Three British men were slightly injured by contusions in the fight, which the Diario report states occurred near the Orvay hotel on Calle Formentera.

Note: We think the Diario de Ibiza have got the location wrong – they state that it happened near the Orvay hotel on Calle Formentera, as hown by the red arrow on our map. Video we have seen shows the fight to be in the centre of the West End, outside Bar Amsterdam. 

The injured were three men, a father, 52, and his two children, aged 25 years. Medical sources confirmed that all were attended by the 061 and transferred to the San Antonio medical centre.

Did you witness the fight, or know the family involved? Please let us know (apart from anything else we think a few people would like to buy them a drink ;-) )