San Antonio’s special night summer team police group (ENEV) impounded what they described as a “luxury vehicle” around dawn on Saturday morning.

Cover image is stock photo of ENEV unrelated to incident, by J.A.Riera Diario de Ibiza

The driver, aged 26 and of Irish nationality, was stopped in a routine check and tested positive for both drink and drugs.

The man tried to give the police false or forged identity documentation, to pass himself off as somebody else.

He also gave police false documentation for his Irish plated vehicle. The information on the insurance and MOT did not match the plate numbers of the vehicle, leading the police to consider it most likely stolen.

The man was arrested and his car impounded.

Albanian Man Arrested for Fake licence

In a separate incident at 11pm Saturday night, San Antonio police arrested an Albanian man on the charge of presenting a false driving licence.

The man had gone to the police station to claim his vehicle which had been impounded due to a parking violation. He protested that he did not have his driving licence, but ultimately presented the fake document to the police, admitting he had bought it in Albania for 200€ and used it for his holiday.


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