• The Consell De Ibiza Promises To Intensify Inspections Against Illegal Tourist Renting
  • New Government Online Letting Site offering Landlord’s Protection in return for Fair Rents

A further meeting of the new island housing bureau (IBAVI) has been held on Monday 4th April attended by Housing Minister, Viviana Sans; Director of Tourism, Vicent Torres; Government Tax Administrator, Vicente Arbona, and spokesman of the campaigning group Plataforma Ibiza Affectados por los Alquiliers (PIAA), Luis Gonzaga.

During the meeting plans for coming inspections were detailed and commitments given to further intensify inspections aimed at identifying fraud. The Hacienda (tax office) has committed to a careful study of irregularities contained in a report prepared by the PIAA as detailed in the Ibizan 822, 31st March 2016. Viviana Sans commented that “it is a pleasure to see the willingness of the treasury to cooperate in pursuing the perpetrators of these bad practices causing such damage to the social fabric of our island.” A further reminder was made that fines for illegally letting accommodation to tourists ranged between 4000€ and 400,000€, in addition to any taxation, fines and levies that may be added by the Hacienda for undeclared income.

We were surprised that what seems a very positive step in the fair rent fightback was given no more than a closing mention in the Consell’s press report. The document stated that IBAVI will soon launch an online property rental portal under a scheme which offers landlords guaranteed payment of rent, plus a guarantee of their property being returned in perfect condition, in exchange for the property being let at a fair price and on an annual basis.

Knowing that some landlords state it is the difficulty of evicting disruptive and non-paying tenants as a major factor in choosing to let their property short-term, this must be seen as a welcome initiative of real practical benefit – beyond the political rhetoric of which we are yet to see any evidence of its implementation in inspections and fines to those found guilty.