An artist rendering of the proposed promenade improvements.
  • The budget for the execution of the pedestrianization project is 833,388 euros

The Department of Land Management, Road Infrastructures and Tourism Planning of the Consell de Eivissa has given the green light to the reform of the Port des Canar promenade, as submitted by the Santa Eulària City Council. It is a necessary procedure as it is located on urban land located in a coastal protection easement zone and, therefore, the responsibility of the Consell.

The authorisation request made by the City Council consists of undertaking a pedestrianisation project for the harbour promenade, which covers an area of 3,411 square meters.

In the documentation submitted in support of the application, the works to be undertaken are described as removal of the existing paving and laying of new paving, removal of existing architectural barriers, provision and installation of new urban furniture, planting beds and the erection of a new railing to act as a boundary between the promenade and the sea.

Furthermore, there will be Improvements to public lighting and the rainwater drainage network, the underground laying of low-voltage lighting and telecommunications network cabling, and some improvements to the existing sewerage systems. The total budget is set at 833,388 euros.

Regional Minister of Land Management, Mariano Juan, explained that “speeding up the procedures necessary to improve this area is one of the commitments that the island president Vicent Marí agreed with the residents of the area and with the mayor of Santa Eulària, Carmen Ferrer. The Minister went on to say that “carrying out this work is necessary after the private sector has made significant investments to increase the quality of the services offered to tourists in this area. The public sector had to be up to par and the project presented by Santa Eulària and recently approved by the Consell is