San José; No More Beach Businesses

  • 8 Applications Rejected
  • Reduction In Current Licences Likely

San José town hall have confirmed the rejection of 8 business licence applications for beaches in the borough.

The decision on applications is actually taken by the Coastal Department, however under an agreement between the two authorities all applications and decisions are submitted to the Council for input. It is understood that the Council had recommended refusal for all new applications made in the past year.

The 8 applications in question relate to:-

  • Cala Bassa – a kiosk bar and seating area
  • Porroig – Jet ski business
  • Playa den Bossa – 5 separate applications, 4 of which for tables, chairs, sofas etc at restaurants and one for a water sports business.
  • Es Cavalett – seating area for existing restaurant

San José councillor for beaches, Pep Cardona, set out the authority’s reasons for what amounts to a blanket refusal of all new applications. “This is due to the belief that the beaches of our coastline already have enough commercial operations, in some areas an excessive amount”.

This policy is reflected in the council having already decreased the beach concessions by 10% earlier this year. They have also commissioned a study on the capacity of the beaches and should the outcome confirm the view that their beaches are already taking too great a burden through commercial activities, further action will be taken in reducing the number of concessions when they come up for tender.