English Brothers Remanded in Drugging & Rape of Tourist

The Civil Guard arrested four English men accused of drugging and raping a 29-year-old tourist, also British, on Wednesday 18th July.

Of the four men, who are all tourists staying in accommodation in Carrer Alicante in San Antonio, two were remanded in Jail and two were released on bail with undisclosed conditions.

The two men remanded in jail are brothers aged 30 and 29 from Paddington in London. The two released on bail are 30 and 21. Two of the men are known to be professional boxers.

The alleged rape took place overnight Tuesday to Wednesday. The victim was with friends in a bar on Es Moli promenade where their group joined with a group of four men and took drinks together. The girl’s friends had left leaving her alone with the four men. Her testimony states that the situation started to ‘feel wrong’, that they were coercing her to use drugs and that when she refused the forced pills into her mouth.

Her testimony continues that the four men subsequently took her in a drugged state to their apartment in Carrer Alicante where multiple sexual assaults were committed, including penetrative rape by at least two of the men.

The victim was able to give a description to the civil guard that enabled then to apprehend the four men who were taken to appear before Ibiza court of instruction number 1.

The two men remanded in custody were taken immediately to Ibiza prison awaiting full trial.