IR_LOGO_2013 copyEd Sheeran

Last week was the 9th birthday party of Ibiza Rocks putting on weekly live gigs in Ibiza over the summer. Something definitely worth celebrating! Headlining the party was singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who made his second appearance at the venue, with support from Saint Raymond.
Saint Raymond, aka singer-songwriter Callum Burrows appeared onstage slightly earlier than billed at about 9pm, to the largest crowd we have witnessed at Ibiza Rocks so far this summer. The gig was sold out and we were informed that queues formed early on with anxious fans wanting to get in and bag their spot at the front of the stage. He was accompanied by a full backing band. The band gave the songs a much more rockier edge than they sound on record – lots of jangly guitar and driving bass and plenty of instrumental rock interludes. It sounded good and the crowd loved their performance.Sheeran-5-John-S-280714
Whilst we were waiting for Ed Sheeran to take to the stage, resident DJ Colin Peters entertained us with some great tunes and a rolling slideshow on the stage showed some of the best photos taken over the last 9 years, as Ibiza Rocks reminisced over their achievements and wished themselves a happy birthday.
By the time Ed appeared onstage at about 10.20, the venue was packed to capacity. At only 23 years old his second album ‘X’ was enjoying its fourth week at number one in the charts, having sold over 367,000 copies to date. The stage was set with just a microphone centre stage and an arc of monitors, flanked by two large image displays. Beginning with the artwork from his latest Sheeran-1-John-S-280714album (a large black ‘X’ on a bright green background), he walked onto the stage carrying his guitar to deafening screams and a barrage of phones held high in the air to record the moment. Video cameras on the stage in front of him and behind him proceeded to show close-ups of his performance and occasionally of the animated crowed in front of him. Commanding the stage on his own, he played a mix of songs from his two albums and a couple of new songs, breaking into the occasional rap. The crowd sang along with him to the old favourites and went mad for him. I’ve never witnessed such fan adulation for a performer. Every time he moved, to pick up his drink, to put down or pick up his guitar, the screams emanating from the crowd were deafening. At one point he asked everybody to take their tops off and swing them round their heads, and many obeyed and did just that, creating an amazing spectacle. TSheeran-8-John-S-280714owards the end of his set, another request for everyone to hold up their lighters in the air resulted in the wondrous sight of a sea of lights from lighters and mobile phones. He may have been a solitary 23-year-old on the stage, but he has a bundle of talent and knows how to engage and command an audience and have them eating out of his hand. It was a great birthday party and was enjoyed by all. So happy birthday Ibiza Rocks, and here’s to lots more birthdays and great bands on the White Isle.