The local health authority, Ib-Salut, have issued a warning of how much it will cost somebody to attend their services due to excess drink or drugs.
They also report a huge increase in bogus gastroenteritis cases, costing an average 3,659€

Drink & Drugs

The raw cost of needing medical attention after too much partying.
  • Stay in hospital (over 13 hours) ICU – 1,593€
  • Services or the A&E (Urgencies) – 194 to 370€
  • Transger by ambulance or specialist UVI – 222 to 1,071€
Ib-Salut have issued a statement to serve as a reminder of the high cost of attending the hospital due to excess drink or drugs, and a warning that the inebriated person will be left to foot the bill themselves.
Ibiza’s hospitals and local medical centres come under extreme pressure during the tourist season, and much of their additional work is caused by late night excess.
Their statement says that in cases of attendance due to drink of drug related issues, the patient will have to pay the bill, and the European medical card will not suffice.
The urgencies department at San Antonio suffers more than most from the pressure of summer season excess.
Their presentation also includes the example of where drink and/or drugs are found to be the cause of a ‘balconing’. In that situation a medical stay bill of 30,000€ would not be unusual, with the patient again expected to pay.
“Drunk or drugged tourists who collapse in emergency services will not get our services for free” said a spokesperson for Ib-Salut

Bogus Claims

Another figure referenced in the report was the sharp increase in attendance of British visitors claiming gastroenteritis, reflecting the current wave of fraudulent compensation claims being made against hoteliers and tour companies.
The hospital say that attending to such a case costs them an average 3,659€. There is no specific mention of whether they will be expected to pay if they are found to be misrepresenting their symptoms.