• A kilo of cocaine, 500 ecstasy pills and half a kilo of crystal methamphetamine seized

The Guardia Civil has dismantled a drug gang that was responsible for distributing different types of drugs in the Santa Eulalia area. The gang were operating from a house located in the ​​Es Cañar area.

In the operation, code-named ‘Mote’, 11 people have been arrested and agents have seized a kilo of cocaine, half a kilo of crystal methamphetamine, 500 ecstasy pills and €10,000 in cash, presumed from of the sale of these substances. The agents also found 200 marijuana plants in the house.

Guardia Civil released a statement detailing the operation which began in February 2017 in order to identify “a group of people who were directing the distribution of drugs in the municipality of Santa Eulalia”.

Drug Gang Dismantled In Santa Eulalia
Drug Gang Dismantled In Santa Eulalia

“The investigators located a house in Es Cañar that was used as a point of sale for cocaine, crystal, ecstasy and marijuana,” adds the statement issued by the Peripheral Office of the Guardia Civil.

A point of sale in Es Cañar

As the investigation progressed, the agents “gradually discovered the network dedicated to supplying drugs at the home of Es Cañar, as well as other drug outlets located all within the municipality of Santa Eulalia.”

On Thursday 19th April, there was “the simultaneous entry and search in five homes associated with the sale and distribution of drugs, beginning the exploitation phase of the operation ‘Motes’, resulting in the arrests of 11 people and the seizure of one kilogram of cocaine, half a kilo of methamphetamine (crystal), 500 pills of ecstasy, two plantations of marijuana (200 plants in total) and €10,000 in cash”, as detailed in the Guardia Civil statement.


Of the 11 arrested in total, 7 have been remanded in custody.

Sources confirmed the operation was executed in two phases and at least 4 of the 11 were arrested in March, in the first phase.

The rest were taken in to custody on Thursday 19th and were in court two days later, on Saturday. The same sources pointed out that nine of the detainees are of Spanish nationality and the other two are an Italian and a Portuguese.

All of the accused are residents in the municipality of Santa Eulalia and some of them have previous criminal records.