Though the likelihood of waking Christmas morning to find the island covered in a deep, crisp and even blanket of snow are as likely as the super clubs having a summer sale, the next best thing for those of us who have chosen to turn our back on 11 months of grey skies is a bright Christmas – warm enough for the beach?

It can happen.

The all time hottest December day was 28c, but in recent times 2002 topped the scale at 20c.

The December average is 13c, so with this year’s aemet prediction of 17c and clear skies, we can all dream for a bright Christmas.

But whoa there, stop a reindeer. Perhaps the idea of a white island white Christmas is not so difficult to conceive after all.

In 2001 the temperature was at least low enough to stop Santa sweating in his suit as he clambered down Ibiza’s chimneys, at just 1c.

And as some proof that the impossible can happen, this pre-records photo shows a view of Ibiza From the Dalt Villa taken during a very rare snowfall 7th February 1907.

Still can’t see the clubs having that summer sale though.



Ibiza Weather Christmas Forecast 2017

Thursday 21st 14ºc

Friday 22nd 16ºc

Sat 23rd 16ºc

Christmas Eve 16ºc

Christmas Day 17ºc

Boxing Day 16ºc

Wednesday 27th 16ºc


Of course weather predictions change quickly. These readings were taken the morning of Wednesday 20th December. For a real time forecast see the information in our sidebar – to the right on desktop, scroll down on mobile.

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