Donnegans 20€ Family Meal Deal

20€ Feeds A Family Of Four – which has to make this a Real Ibiza Bargain

  • Rhian Gibbs

Hands up who never complains about the prices in Ibiza? I’d hazard a guess the very few people with hands aloft will be doing so behind the secure gates of a luxury villa.

But fear not cash strapped hungry people, you need complain no more as Donnegans will feed your family for just 20€! Plus in what is San Antonio Bay´s only Irish bar, kids get free drink refills.

As if the prices were not enough to tempt you, you also get regular live music on the terrace. Tonight we were treated to the dulcet tones of Roberto Campoli—always the crowd pleaser and with the terrace busy a buzz was in the air.

Our food arrived swiftly and we were not disappointed by the portion sizes – you really can  feed a family of four. The Meal Deal consists of a Margarita pizza, 2 portions of garlic bread, 2 big bowls of French fries, chicken wings, onion rings, coleslaw and dips, all for 20€.

ibiza-bargain-donnegansThe chicken wings were a firm favourite, moist, juicy and moreish, can we say finger licking good?  I don’t think they were very good for you, but then that’s why they tasted great. The coleslaw was chunky and creamy, another great addition to the platter and not to be overlooked. The garlic bread was crisp and not overpowered with garlic, a winning combo with the onion rings and slaw, and the chips seemed never ending.

The Margarita pizza was loaded with cheese, it won’t win any artisan awards but it will find favour with all but the fussiest child, which is what this is all about.

It was more than expected, not just in the portion size but it still had that much loved Donnegans feel—great atmos and great food at tasty prices.

Who said Ibiza was expensive?

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