Dr. Mirav Tarkka-Boulton


If Carlsberg made female role models, Mirav, or to be correct Dr Mirav Tarkka-Boulton would be a very strong contender.
Mirav is offering self defence classes in Ibiza alongside many other specialist security and combat training options available from ‘Defense Tactics’, the not-for-profit company she founded with husband who is currently employed in VIP close protection in Ibiza. They make quite a formidable couple.

I have known Mirav only as a facebook contact for the last year or two. Though I am blind to requests to play candyfarmcoaster, Mirav’s posts are rather more attention grabbing. Her promotional photos for various of her courses include images of her with machine guns, grappling knife wielding attackers, kicking various men in the goolies and then one which must be the definition of fearlessness, Mirav biting Ibiza Rugby Club’s Ryan Harvey in the arm as he attempts an ill fated underwater assault.

All of these images it should be noted come with Mirav’s slogan ‘strong is the new sexy’ and various, lets say minimalistic and close fitting outfits as I wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side, but on the other hand I am only human and she does look pretty darned hot.
It is not all about physique however, Mirav has a dual doctorate in Psychology and Criminology—comforting I am sure for a bad guy to know that not only can she have him restrained and disarmed with consummate ease, she also knows what he is thinking and why he did it.
I think it is a great idea for all of us in Ibiza to get some self defence training, particularly those walking home alone after late finishing jobs.
I met Mirav for a coffee and she told me more about her background and her training.


Mirav’s background is somewhat different to a typical girl growing up in the UK or Spain. She describes a life in troubled Israel that has included more than her fair share of pain and loss and the environment encourages the attitude of defend or die. Clearly she has embraced it more than most.
Mirav has trained and taught what many experts consider the most lethal fighting system invented, Krav Maga. During her national service as an Operations Sergeant attached to a covert unit she was chosen to complete an intensive 4 week Krav Maga Instructors course. After earning this coveted KM instructor’s diploma her military duties included training soldiers in hand to hand combat.

It is in this way Mirav can be such a fantastic role model to girls and example to all of us. She refuses to accept the role of a victim but instead to train yourself to be mentally and physically prepared to deal with whatever aggression comes at you. During her own spell in the army she was kidnapped and has seen people around her suffer at the hands of the troubles. I am sure this experience is very important in the real life aspects of the training she delivers. For example, self defence course includes sessions on home invasion where you quite literally sit at home and await an attack, she has also arranged sessions in pubs, boats and aeroplane to deal with situations in as real life context as possible.
If every woman and girl had the benefit of Mirav’s training I am sure there would be a lot less fear on the streets – and come to that a lot less domestic violence too.


Mirav’s current regular training courses are held in San Antonio Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. People are welcome of all experience levels and can attend as often or as little as they wish. You can also pay for lessons individually but at only 50€ a month for 12 sessions, the regular price seems a bargain.
Mirav is keen to hear from any other individuals or small groups who would like to set up particular training scenarios, times, locations etc. and I know there is a hope to establish a women’s self defence class in Cala de Bou – if interested contact my wife Rhian Gibbs on 609850765.
See the back of Mirav’s card for her contact details.

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See the front of Mirav’s business card because it’s good to look at.