Defected Opening: Eden

  • Nick Gibbs

You know when you are looking forward to something you can start to build up an expectation? If it’s something you’re really looking forward to, you run the risk of building up an unrealistic expectation. Well when it is a whole host of things you are looking forward to in one package there is a real risk of those hopes ending up in the same tatters as an 8 year old on Christmas morning who sent Santa a list of every toy in the shop.

In my world Defected opening at Eden had all this.  My first club night out of a new season. One of my all-time favourite labels. Playing at one of my favourite clubs on the opening night of a year in which we Edenists (it’s a thing) have great expectation.

So it crossed my mind more than once in the days leading up to Sunday’s Defected opening party whether Santa would be stuffing my stocking?

T’was the night before Christmas

Defected Decades

Good old Santa Simon (Dunmore). He didn’t disappoint. It was fantastic to see Eden bouncing on both floors and the oh-so-glorious Void system belting out the beats for what felt like a new influx of party people.

Santa Simon Dunmore stuffing my seasonal stocking for the first time in 2017

My Defected history goes back to the days of Shapeshifters releasing ‘At Night’ to the dawn rising casualties of El Divino in the very early noughties.

It includes a season of Blaze featuring Barbara Tucker’s ‘Most Precious Love’ being the trigger that took Bora Bora from afternoon chill to bouncing thrills (n things rhyming with chill and thrill). It was the label that put Sanchez on a premium Pacha pedestal that would just not Release Me (see what I did there?) from its Balearic beat.

So you get it? I quite like Defected.

Main Room: Divine Witchcraft

With this background, head honcho Dunmore’s appearance seemed more worthy of a salute than arms in the air  – quite fitting he should be here to kick Defected’s new Eden era off.

Beyond that I have never been much for keeping track on who’s playing when. As long as the music is good, I’d much rather be lost in the moment.

However I did come away wondering how Sam Divine had somehow bewitched me into enjoying ‘Love Shy’. That don’t make a lick of sense.

Next: Manu Gonzalez (not)

Unfortunately my lack of concentration meant that I missed out on local lad Manu Gonzalez playing in the backroom (a.k.a. Next). I hope that plenty of the new faces* didn’t make my mistake and were able to catch a real rising star.

Manu is one of our own. I don’t think for a moment he is the kind of guy who would object to the smaller stage, but I doubt it will be much longer that promoters will allow him to play it.

Q. When is a club queue not a bad thing? A. When you are an Edenist looking forward to a good year. (or a club owner)

*re ‘new faces’ – it is very hard to qualify that they were new, but it felt new, they felt like a new crowd, and judging by the number of people who asked me where the smoking terrace was, at least all the nicotine craved ravers must have been new. BTW my apologies to any of them reading this as I discovered on leaving that the way out to the roof terrace had been changed to a completely different area of the club, so I had been sending them on wild goose chases all night. Moral of that story is don’t trust a bloke just because he’s holding a camera.

Another new face asked me where the V.I.P. area was. “They don’t have one” I replied “it’s a Defected thing, in their house we are all equal”. His face went from puzzlement to joy as the information sank in and he basked in the classless ideal of a unified dancefloor.

To be fair this wasn’t strictly speaking true. There was a V.I.P. at the back of the main room, but it was a lot less prominent than the usual Eden V.I.Ps which are at the front and side prime positions, areas which tonight were filled with happy dancing feet oblivious to their honoured location.

Come Back, Ninetoes

The night also gave me my first stand out track of the year. A tune that kept coming back to me, catchy enough to get big but with enough quality that you won’t be wincing when you hear it come September. ‘Come Back’ by Ninetoes is hereby my first predicted 2017 big tune.

Of course the trouble with Christmas is that you have to wait a whole year for your stocking to be refilled, but Santa Simon’s Defected DJs will be popping presents under our trees all summer long.

Ho Ho Ho.


  • The next Eden is Sunday 28th May. See flyer.
  • For full season line up and tickets go to the Eden Website