• Deeva Beach Bar & Restaurant in Port Des Torrent has been sanctioned for converting daytime sunbeds to evening bench seating.
  • The sanction follows a social media post by the former Balearic Minister for the Environment Miquel Vericad.

Deeva beach bar and restaurant on Port Des Torrent beach may be regretting the visit of one particular VIP customer last week.

The former Balearic Minister for the Environment, Miquel Vericad, posted a photo on his social media expressing surprise at the bench seating on the beach of Port Des Torrent in front of the Deeva bar and restaurant.

This photo: as posted by Miquel Vericad, Feature Photo : Pictame via Instagram

It appears this alerted the San José Town Hall who sent along an inspector to investigate.

When he attended during the day all was in order with Sunbeds located in the correct position on the beach. However, alerted to what appeared to be seat backs stored at the side of the restaurant, he sent the Police back at night.

The local Police found that the sunbeds had all been converted to bench seating by the addition of seat backs, allowing the popular venue to maximise the available seating.

The town hall state that this is a breach of the conditions under which a sunbed licence is issued, and have commenced sanctions against the bar.

At the time of the visit they checked sound levels and other regulatory issues, but no further breaches were identified.