David’s Pizzeria is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It comes as no surprise that David’s San Antonio restaurant is still flourishing.

Husband and wife owners Fabrice and Nancy have given the same warm welcome and excellent customer service from the day they opened their doors.

Always a pleasure …

  • Words Rhian King, Photos Nick Gibbs

With Nancy busy with other customers and in our always taking guidance from the chef, Fabrice suggested a few dishes for us to try while our drinks were being prepared.

Caprese Salad

The ingredients listed on the menu are ‘tomato, mozzarella, basil and olive oil’. It’s a starter you may well look over on a menu but here I urge you not to. Beautifully presented, so simple and utterly delicious. The tomatoes are large, juicy and full of flavour. Add to that the creamiest mozzarella I’ve tried and fresh basil leaves. The flavours work together, but it’s the freshness of everything that brings David’s Caprese salad to another level.

Crunchy Goat Cheese Parcels

Goats cheese parcels are settled on a bed of crunchy salad leaves and tomatoes, pine nuts and seeds, all glazed in a sweet spiced caramel sauce and balsamic vinaigrette and topped with “burnt” onions. It is a perfect yin yang dish, the sweetness of the salad dressing and the occasional hit of acidity from the vinaigrette cut through the goat’s cheese in their parcels to ensure every element compliments each other. As for the “burnt” onions, that is my description, they are the sweetest slithers of onion that add another dimension to the dish. Recommended by the chef for a reason and we agree.

On to the pizza element of our review; we couldn’t review David’s without having one of their substantial offerings from the pizza menu with 35 to choose from.

Capricciosa Pizza

With two of our reviewers not liking anchovies, Fabrice was kind enough to only add anchovies to half of the pizza. Yet again each ingredient stood out and is well balanced against the others on the pizza; the combination of flavours is excellent. David’s Capricciosa pizza comes with tomato, ham, capers, anchovies, peppers, a boiled egg and black olives.

Bocconchini de Poulet

We were then treated to the Bocconchini de Poulet with Marsala Sauce. This is a chicken breast filled with Parma ham and mozzarella, coated in a Marsala sauce then topped with more Parma ham, served with a salad and a side of potatoes au gratin*.

The dish did look a little daunting when it arrived, but only for someone who had tried 3 dishes prior to this one. It is a generous amount of food, you could say ‘served the Italian way’. Actually, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. When cut in to, the mozzarella oozed from the middle of the chicken into the Marsala sauce. Each mouthful was then a delight. The marsala sauce is rich and deep and elevated the slight saltiness of the Parma ham to join the chicken in a match made in heaven. Plus the potatoes au gratin are divine, and what is not to love? Creamy potatoes with garlic topped with cheese that becomes that gorgeous gooey consistency. Whether you want to or not, you can’t help but have another spoonful.

*It’s worth noting that all meat dishes are served with a choice of chips, pasta Bolognese or napolitana, potatoes au gratin, grilled vegetables or rice which is quite a selection to choose from.

Our desserts were chosen by chef and owner, Fabrice. With such great recommendations it would have been rude to deny him the chance to shine again.

Chocolate Brownie

The chocolate brownie is as rich and chocolatey as you can imagine. Served on a slate with not only vanilla ice cream but almond topped whipped cream, this dessert is not for the faint hearted. Large pieces of walnuts are encased in a slightly sticky centre with that brownie crunch on the outside. It’s a chocolate lovers dream.

Strawberry and Passionfruit

Our last dessert can best be described as a cross between a tiramisu and a trifle. Layers of creamy strawberry, marsala-soaked sponge, passionfruit and cream with an added zing from popping candy. This dessert is as light and creamy as they come, and you’ll need to ask for it as it’s not yet on the menu.

David’s at 20

Fabrice and Nancy are French born, and 20 years ago they decided to open an Italian restaurant named David’s in San Antonio. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, David’s is an institution, and long may they continue.

Info & Contacts

David’s will be closing on the 20th October for winter, reopening on the 1st February 2019.

Address: Carrer de Madrid, 10, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain, Phone: +34 971 34 04 70

Web: http://www.davidsibiza.com/en-gb/