Photo J A Riera, Diario de Ibiza

Cruise ships that arrived in the port of Ibiza in 2017 emitted more sulphur into the atmosphere than all the cars of Ibiza.

This incredible, yet unsurprising study was carried out by Transport & Environment (T&E) and details that the Sox emissions were 7.3 times higher than all the cars in the city.

Barcelona, Palma and Venice are, in that order, the European port cities most polluted by cruise ship emissions, followed by Civitavecchia (Rome) and Southampton, according to the study.

The cruises that are polluting the most are Carnival Corporation (which includes Costa Cruises, P & C Cruises, AIDA …), then Royal Caribbean Cruises, the second largest group in the world in this sector, which exceeds four times the pollution emitted by the whole European fleet of vehicles.

“Cruise ships are floating cities driven by the dirtiest fuel possible. Cities are rightly prohibiting pollutant diesel vehicles, but at the same time they are giving a free pass to cruise companies that expel toxic gases,” said Faig Abbasov, coordinator of Maritime Transport Policies of T&E.