95% of tests carried out in the ‘drive through’ testing point are negative.

A tent has been installed outside Can Misses Urgencias for the removal of paramedics PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

The Army disinfects the ports of Formentera and Ibiza, the Cas Serres nursing home and the airport.

City Council disinfects schools in Vila

95% Negative Tests

The ‘drive through’ testing tent was set up 9 days ago to serve the islands healthcare professionals and those in essential professions. Those using the facility are members of the emergency services, Civil Protection as well as residential care home workers, social workers, home-care workers and those working in cemeteries.

208 samples have been collected with 177 results. As of Friday 3rd April, 163 came back negative and 8 positive, a 95.5% negative result.

PPE Removal Tent

A tent belonging to the Consell Firefighters has been erected outside Can Misses Urgencias so that personnel entering the hospital can remove their PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) before entering the hospital.

061 Medical Coordinator Ángel Crespo said “It is intended to house the 061 teams while they carry out the procedure for removing the protective equipment when patients with  suspected or confirmed coronavirus have been transferred to the Can Misses Hospital.” “In this way we increase the clinical safety of this process in a substantial way”.

He went on to thank the Ibiza firefighters for “both the lending of the tent and for installing it”.

Army Disinfects Susceptible Zones

The Basic Disinfection Unit of the Balearic Islands Army have begun disinfecting the airport, Ibiza and Formentera ports and the Cas Serres nursing home. 

According to the Diario de Ibiza, the Balearic Government have prevented the Army from disinfecting the Can Blai, Sa Serra, Can Raspalls and Sa Residència nursing homes as the Balearic Ministry of Health requires the evacuation of the buildings before this can take place. 

Guardia Civil have disinfected the UVI area of Can Misses and staff from Goldservice, the company hired by the Consell de Ibiza were responsible for disinfecting buildings and common areas of the Sant Rafael Fire Station. The same company has disinfected the Cas Serres nursing home on two occasions.

Vila Schools Disinfected

Ibiza City Council have announced that they have finished cleaning and disinfecting 9 primary education centres in the municipality and two ‘escoletas’. Over a two week period, municipal cleaning staff have carried out intensive cleaning and the disinfection of buildings, classrooms, furniture, play and work elements within the centres.

These infrastructures will be ready to open immediately when normal activities can be resumed.  

Daily cleaning is also being carried out at the Cetis building, Local Police Station and the ‘Servicio de Atención a la Ciudadanía’.