Tomorrow, 2nd May, sees a further step in the de-escalation process with those 14 years and above being allowed out for walks and physical activities during specific times throughout the day.

Remember, Covid-19 is still out there. Wash your hands and sanitise any equipment you use after going out. 


  • Those aged 14 years and above will be permitted to go out to exercise or leisurely walk once a day.
  • During leisurely walks, you can be accompanied by someone with whom you live i.e. a partner or caregiver. This does not mean that two adults can accompany a child during a walk.
  • Leisurely walks will be limited to a maximum distance of 1 km from your residence. There is no time limit, as long as it’s within the scheduled time slot. 
  • The walks do not apply to those living in care homes or people who have been self isolating due to a diagnosis of coronavirus, or those living with someone who has symptoms. 
  • The 1 km limitation does not apply to exercise, this can be undertaken within your municipality. There is also no time limit on exercise, as long as it’s within the allocated time slot.
  • Social distancing is still in place, you must maintain a 2 metre distance from anyone you meet while out.
  • Masks do not have to be worn while exercising, although those walking and unable to maintain the 2 metre distance are advised to wear masks.
  • You cannot use public transport or drive to a location in order to exercise.


  • Individual exercise or leisurely walks can be carried out between the hours of 6am-10am and 8pm-11pm.
  • Those aged 70 and older, or those requiring assistance can go out between 10am-12noon and 7pm-8pm. Those aged 70 and over can be accompanied by a person who resides with them who is between the ages of 14-70 years.

Changes To Children

  • The hours within which children are able to go out have been amended to between 12noon and 7pm. The existing rule of once per day, for 1 hour maximum with 1 parent at a maximum distance of 1 km still applies.


Those who live in municipalities with a population equal or less than 5,000 inhabitants are exempt from the the time restrictions – they are able to go out anytime between 6am and 11pm.

Dog Walkers

There has been no specific mention of walking your dog under the new rules. It is therefore assumed that dog walks remain at minimum distance just to cover your dogs necessities.


These are the national guidelines set. As the de-escalation evolves we may see further relaxations to the rules. Fines will be issued to those disrespecting these regulations. 

If you are unsure of what you can do or where you can go, you can contact your local police or town hall for clarification.