Photo courtesy of Vicent Marí, Diario de Ibiza

De-escalation has begun with children being allowed out of their homes, although parents are reminded to adhere to the rules or face fines.

Those 14 years and above may be allowed out to walk and exercise individually from the 2nd May, if contagion figures continue to decrease.

Fines are still being issued with 1 detainee and 18 denounced at a villa party, a family fined for a BBQ.

Children Allowed Out

Children 13 years and under, are now allowed to leave their home according to the following guidelines. Parents are being reminded that we are still under the confinement order and that not maintaining social distancing and respecting the rules could not only put your families health at risk, but also face fines. Let’s be sensible.

  • Between 9am and 9pm
  • Once a day, for a maximum of 1 hour and within 1 km of the home
  • One adult, with up to 3 children from the same residence. A second parent cannot ‘walk the dog’ at the same time as the family.
  • Social distancing (2m) should be maintained if you pass someone. 
  • Scooters, bikes and skates can be used, however bear in mind the recommendation to sanitise everything before bringing it into the home.
  • Wash hands as soon as you return. 

Those breaking the rules will face fines of €601 for going out outside the allotted hours, with more children, going to playgrounds or being more than 1 km from their residence. Fines will increase up to €1,500 for using the opportunity to meet up with other parents/children including “chatting or sharing the trip”. Higher fines will also be issued for being far away from the residence or applied due to the severity of a situation.  

There is a website you can use to check the distance from your residence.

Remember, the relaxation of the confinement order is not for ‘family bike rides’, socialising with friends (even at a distance) or exercising with children. The risk of infection is still there and we could face a relapse if we are not careful and responsible. 

Possible Further Ease

Spaniards will be allowed to go out for exercise and for walks starting on the 2nd May if coronavirus contagion figures go down, said Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez at a press conference on Saturday night.

“If we act with prudence, this first relief measure will be followed by another one a week later,” said Sánchez. “If the evolution of the pandemic keeps moving in a positive manner, starting on May 2 outings will be allowed for individual activity and for walks with the people that we live with.”

Sánchez said that the de-escalation of confinement measures will take place throughout May, “and we will see what happens in the month of June.”

“I would like to convey to you the importance of being cautious. This is not a race to see who is the first to reopen a shopping mall or a small business establishment.”

Sánchez explained that the de-escalation will occur at different speeds depending on the situation in each region. “In the de-escalation, we will not all advance at the same speed, but according to the same rules,” he said. “We will do it at different speeds depending on [the situation] of the pandemic in each place, in an asymmetric but coordinated fashion. We will do it as a team.”

The prime minister added that the central government will be responsible for the deescalation plan.


Local Police and agents of the Guardia Civil arrested a person in Ibiza as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of disobedience for organising a villa party including DJ and catering. More than 18 people of various nationalities received fines at the secluded villa in the municipality of Sant Josep once it was established they did not reside there. The promoter was arrested, had his rights read to him and released with the obligation to attend court when called.

Photo courtesy of Guardia Civil.

3 members of a family received fines on Saturday for a family BBQ in an open communal space in Cala Llonga. Santa Eulalia issued 14 fines over a 48 period for different types of violation of the confinement order.

Vila Police registered more than 40 complaints in a week for noncompliance of the confinement order. Just some of the sanctions imposed included the paralysis of works carried out on homes, the use of communal areas in buildings, driving without justification and one for doing sports on the street.